MENA Hardball

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Held under the Chatham House Rule on the second day of CbI Meetings’ MENA Investment Exchange: Energy meeting, Hardball is a political risk strategy round table, which examines issues including the capacity of governments to deliver on projects.

14h00 to 17h00 – 30 September
MENA Hardball – political exposure in a time of stress

Led by a group of expert political analysts, participants debated personal and institutional politics, corruption and other governance issues, and their impact on economic outcomes.

The meeting will open with discussion of key stakeholder groups across the region:

• Ruling families – do you need to ‘go through the palace’ in Morocco, or bring a company aligned with a Saudi prince into you consortium?

• The majority of leaders are ageing – how much should succession issues impinge on corporate planning?

• How do monarchical regimes fit into a world where you must know your client? Merchant families – partners of choice or a governance nightmare?

• How are family businesses adapting (will there really be a rush to list as younger generations schooled in management take over?);

• Beneficial owners, middle men and promises of greater transparency;

• Jobs for youth – everyone talks about it,
but on we on the cusp of seeing a ‘genuine circulation of elites’, change in management style – from MBS in Saudi to Algerian state companies

Building on this we can ask:

• Crony capitalism and political-economic reform – how clean are our markets?

• Security operating on the edge of state failure – it’s not all about Islamic State, but several Mena countries are in meltdown, and others are showing potential for eventual state failure.

• What are the prospects (if any) for maintaining operations in Libya, Syria, Yemen? How sustainable is business in Iran and Iraq?

• What are the prospects for extreme instability in other jurisdictions (Egypt, Jordan…)

15h20 Coffee, to be provided in the room

HardBall will conclude with a scenario-building exercise, to focus thinking and – potentially – uncover unexpected conclusions. From the discussion we might ask: 

• What do we mean by stability?

• From a political and governance perspective, 
where should you invest?

• Within what parameters should a prudent country/regional/partner strategy be designed to maximise opportunity while controlling risk? 
‘Should we envisage a MENA world with different borders and very different ruling regimes?

17h00 End of HardBall

Separate Hardball bookings

Participation at MENA HardBall is included in the full MIX: Energy ticket. Tickets may also be bought separately for £300 plus VAT and include lunch on day two of MIX: Energy.

Additional participants will include political risk and security managers, strategic planners and analysts, and, compliance officers.
Contact Lauren Andrews to register. Telephone: +44 (0)1424 721667