Javier Huergo Cruzado, Chief Investment Officer, FRV

huergoJavier is a member of the FRV Executive Committee and is responsible of the fundraising activities within the FRV Group, including debt and equity and the M&A business.

Javier started his career in KPMG where he spent six years working in the auditing and transaction services departments in Madrid. In 2001 he left KPMG and joined Banco Español de Credito (Banesto) as executive director within the capital markets division, heading the infrastructure finance department. After eight years, Javier joined FRV as head of business development and was appointed chief investment officer after two years with the company.

Javier has a degree in business administration granted by the Comillas Ponitificia University and undertook a senior management program course at Instituto de Empresa, one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe.

FRV is one of the largest solar developers worldwide and has developed and built more than 600MW of solar projects among a number of different regions (Europe, US, Australia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and India) and has invested $3bn so far in the sector.