John Roberts, Senior Partner, Methinks

robertsJohn is one of Europe’s leading energy security specialists. He has testified to UK parliamentary committees on Caspian, Russian, Turkish, Kurdish and Middle East energy security issues. John is a Senior Partner with Methinks Ltd, a consultancy specializing in the inter-relationship between energy, economic development and politics. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council of the US and has just been appointed Director of Strategy and Chief Analyst for Natural Gas Europe, the information and ideas forum for industry, NGOs, academia, policy-makers, media and local communities.

John was previously a managing editor with Platts and Financial Times Energy and has regularly toured the Caspian, the Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Educated at Sussex University, where he took a degree in International Relations, he is currently researching European energy security in the light of the Ukraine crises; the role of the Caspian in global energy security; gas development in Iran; Sino-Russian energy relations; hydrocarbons development in the Eastern Mediterranean; and shale gas in China.